The #nobodylikewoman challenge started from the fed upness of Nigerian female public figures who are always judged by what they do as women. The digital movement is spreading in the Anglo-Saxon digital sphere.

The talented Nigerian singer Simi initiated this with her new song “Woman”. The video clip is scheduled to be released today, 15 October 2021 at 5pm on her Youtube channel.

All women at all social and professional levels face stereotypes in society. Especially in patriarchal cultures. This is the case of those famous, rich, important and talented Nigerian women who, despite all these strings to their bow, are not women enough from an external point of view.

Through this hashtag #nobodylikewoman, you will find messages from celebrities such as Temi Otedola, Tonto Dikeh , Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Osas Ighodaro and Jemima Osunde have expressed their feelings in a few sentences.

The movement is silent and alarming at the same time. Sharings are in the form of black and white pictures with messages on the body.
Women of all faiths are included. Women from all professional backgrounds have come out of the silence. Not to mention married and single women. Single mothers who have had children out of wedlock, who are singled out in some societies, expressed the reflections they receive on a daily basis.

Indeed, this movement aims to challenge each of us on the impact of our words. The after-effects they leave in the lives of some. Many of us have struggles that we do not talk about publicly. Making inappropriate remarks is simply putting the knife in the wound for these women.

Moreover, the #nobodylikewomanchallenge comes at the right time when women’s rights in today’s society are questioned all the time.

Let’s emphasize that beyond the posts of celebrities, there are also women unknown to the public who have made posts with their outbursts, their feelings, the words they would have received in their lives.

For the moment, the #nobodylikewoman challenge is not taken up by French speakers. But it could be soon because the video clip of Simi is released today. We will see if the video will speak more to some than the audio clip.

Let’s stay connected on the evolution of the #nobodylikewoman challenge on Instagram and Twitter. TikTok, a great social network for challenges and viral music, is slow to take up this challenge. Too much claimant or simply not known enough yet?

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