1 . Introduce yourself to the world

My name is Gloria Inoma Memberr. I am from Rivers State, Portharcourt, Nigeria.I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History and International Studies and a Masters Degree in International Public Policy and Diplomacy from University College, Cork and I currently work at Comfort Keepers as a Client Care Coordinator/Scheduler.

2. Being from Nigeria, how can you describe your childhood there?

I would say that my childhood in Nigeria was an eye opener and a huge part of what made me the woman and the person that I am today. I learnt the value of family, sacrifice, resilience and hardwork. It wasn’t perfect but I’m grateful that I had the childhood experience that I had in Nigeria.

3. How can you describe a black woman living on the Ireland and a black woman living in Nigeria?

Gloria Memberr

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4. As a young black African woman what are your thoughts on education ?

As a young black African woman, I think education is very important because it gives us black women a step ahead and an edge in a world where we are already disadvantaged because of our our race and color and so, education is liberation for me.

When people ask me, what’s my greatest achievement, I always say it’s education and some people don’t understand why; it’s cause being educated has taken me really far, opened doors for me and given me great opportunities and has help me build my network.

5. Tell us more about your YouTube Channel and your journey as an influencer?

Gloria Memberr Inoma
Ria’s Take

Well, my YouTube channel is called Ria’s Takes and it’s a Lifestyle and Immigration channel. I help people looking to migrate to Ireland and settle as international students using my experiences as a Graduate who studied in Ireland. Add to that, I also do travel and lifestyle vlogs. I started my channel on the 19th of March 2020 and since then due to consistency and hardwork, we’ve had over 3,800 subscribers and over 150,000 views and we are looking forward to more.

Ria’s Take

6. How did your habits ( food, dressing, traveling) changed since you moved to IRELAND?

Apart from dressing. My habits haven’t really changed. I still eat the same meals because I love my Nigerian delicacies. I still travel, although Within Ireland, to create content for my channel and have fun and learn at the same time. My dressing however has changed because of the weather, it’s pretty cold out here and so I wear more sw ear shirts, cardigans, boots and winter jackets as supposed to the flip flops and short dresses I wore in Nigeria because of the weather conditions.

7. What comes in your mind when you hear BLACK WOMEN ON THE MAP?

When I hear Black Women on the map, all I can think about is black women beating all odds and struggles associated with being black to make it at the top of the careers and killing it at the same time. To every black woman killing it in every field, career path, lifestyle, motherhood; here’s a glass 🥂 toasting to you all, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it effortlessly.

8. Can you share a typical thing of a Nigerian woman that elder thought you or something that you just observed while growing up?

While growing up, my mother always taught me and told me to always have the habit of seizing every opportunity given to me and not to hesitate or relegate my self to the background. I am a woman and I grew up seeing her take charge and be In positions and take challenges that most women were afraid to take. My mother would always say: ‘Make Hay while the sun shines’

9. What is your message for black women around the world?

My message for black women around the world is this; you’re awesome, you’re beautiful. You’re smart , your blackness is a blessing. Never let anyone look down on you. Never let anybody say to you that you can’t achieve what you want to achieve. You can achieve anything you set your heart out to do cause that’s who you are.

10. Can you say something about DJEMAG magazine and how can people contact you?

I am proud of what DJEMAG as a brand and what they do, supporting women like me who aspire to be great in life and putting us on the map. To all DJEMAG readers and subscribers, keep supporting, keep reading, keep pushing the brand, Thank you.

You can contact and connect with me on IG and Twitter @gloria_memberr , don’t forget to subscribe to my by YouTube channel @ Ria’s Takes

Thank you for having me. Ria.

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